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Membership Info

Applicants must be recommended by an active TAC2 member in good standing or one of the managing members personally to be considered.

Members receive a gate code, and have basically unlimited use of the facilities, with a few exceptions of course.
During classes and matches, etc., range use is limited to those areas not being used for that event. (See Membership Rules)

Click here for Membership Rules, "MEMBERSHIP RULES"

Click here for an application and waiver, "APPS & WAIVERS"

New members SHALL attend an Orientation Tour of the TAC2 facilities prior to receiving their gate code.

These tours will be individually scheduled.

New member must schedule which Saturday they wish to attend, at least the Wednesday prior to the Saturday they wish to attend.

Membership runs from January 1 through December 31.

Annual Membership Dues are currently $175/yr., which allows you, your spouse and any children under 21, living at home, to use the facilities.

New Members must pay a one time Orientation Fee of $50 + Annual Dues.

New Member Annual Dues are prorated to:
$125, after June 1 + $50 Orientation Fee = $175
$75, after October 1 + $50 Orientation Fee = $125
$50, after November 15 + $50 Orientation Fee = $100

Renewals not paid by January 31 will be subject to New Member requirements, including $50 Orientation Fee.

TAC2 is a private facility and reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone, at their discretion.


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