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TAC2 Multigun matches, unless directed otherwise by the stage instructions, will follow the United Shooting Sports Leagues rules and procedures which can be found at the following link;



TAC2 Multigun welcomes all shooters to come and participate.  Our matches are not real physical and are based on safely having a really fun time.  Spectators are always welcome.  Match competitors and spectators MUST sign a liability release and have eye / ear protection to be on the range.  Competitors and spectators are required to conduct themselves in a manner which promotes safety and good sportsmanship.  All participants are required to help reset stages, and tear down the stages at the end of the match.

  • <a data-cke-saved-href="\\" href="\\&quot;" rules="" \\"="">TAC2 Multigun welcomes and encourages first time competitors to come out and participate.  Under most circumstances, we can assist you with gear to use provided you bring your own factory loaded ammunition which meets match requirements.  If you need assistance with gear, please email  We will be glad to help you with gear and/or guns to use for the match.
  • TAC2 is a COLD range. 
    • COLD RANGE (definition):   Competitors’ firearms must remain unloaded at the event site except under the direct supervision of an event official. 
    • Chamber flags for long guns are REQUIRED.
  • Transporting Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol (carry from vehicle and between stages).  Rifles & Shotguns must be cased, or if hand carried or slung, the muzzle must be pointed up or down.  Carts where the muzzles are pointed downward are approved.  Rifles & Shotguns must be transported with chamber flags inserted ( if you do not have chamber flags, we will have them available for sale the day of the match for reasonable fee ), detachable magazines removed/tubes unloaded.  Pistols carried between stages must be unloaded with no magazine inserted and be cased, or remain in the competitor’s holster.
  • TAC2 Multigun does not recognize the PCC only division of the USSL-UML.
  • Scoring.  TAC2 Multigun matches are scored with time + penalties with points.  This means each stage has the same total point value.  Therefore, all of the stages have the same value to the competitor.
  • Basic Equipment
    • A center fire rifle at least .223 in caliber and a couple of spare magazines.  Occasionally, a sling will be required for your rifle.  You should be able to carry at least 50 rounds of rifle ammunition on you including what will be in the rifle.
    • A 12 or 20 gauge semi-auto or pump shotgun.  Occasionally, a sling will be required for your shotgun.
    • A center fire pistol or revolver at least 9mm in caliber and a couple of spare magazines or speed loaders.  You should be able to carry at least 50 rounds of handgun ammunition on you including what will be in the handgun.
    • Holsters must be a practical/tactical carry style and must be able to safely retain the handgun during vigorous movement.  The holster material must completely cover the trigger on all semi-auto pistols.  Revolver holsters must completely cover the trigger and the cylinder.  The belt upon which the holster and magazine/speed loader pouches are attached must be worn at waist level.  Due to safety concerns, shoulder holsters and cross draw holsters are not allowed.
  • Round Count - A good minimum ammunition load out is (round count does not account for ANY misses);
    • Rifle – 100 rounds.
    • Pistol – 100 rounds.
    • Shotgun – 75 rounds bird shot, 10 rounds slug, 10 rounds buck shot (00 or larger shot size).
  • Match Date
    • 3rd Saturday of every month.
  • Match times
    • 9:00 am Registration begins, 9:45 am shooter’s meeting, 10:00 am shooting begins.
  • Match fees
    • Non-Members - $20.00
    • TAC2 Members - $15.00
    • TAC2 LIFE Members - FREE
  • Questions???
    • If you have any questions, please contact
    • Come shoot with us, it will be a great time!!


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