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Description of Classes


This course takes the novice and seasoned shooter alike, through the steps needed to meet the requirements for a TN HANDGUN CARRY PERMIT.

If anyone is interested in the class to please contact Kay at

In the course of 8+ hours of instruction, we cover Firearms Safety; Mechanical Operation; Basic Marksmanship; How to Carry and Safely Store Your Weapon; Legal Issues, including your Rights and Restrictions; Gun Cleaning and Maintenance, Ammunition; and most importantly, the Psychology of Personal Protection. You will take a written test based on the material covered in the course, and fire your gun on the range for qualification.

Range firing is conducted in small groups, so the instructors can give individual attention and coaching, however, this is not a shooting class. Due to the requirements placed on us, by the state, we do not have time to make you a proficient shooter. If you have never had professional training, we highly recommend that, before carrying a handgun for personal protection, you should, AT THE VERY LEAST, take a our Personal Protection Handgun - Level I class.

COURSE OF FIRE: The Qualification consists of 50 rds., fired at distances from 3-7 yds. You will need an additional 50 rds. for the training portion of the class.

REQUIRED ITEMS: Safe, serviceable handgun, hip holster, with proper belt, etc., minimum of 100 rds. of factory ammo. (no reloads), eye and ear protection. If you show up without the REQUIRED items, you WILL NOT be allowed on the range. If you do not have any of these items, they can be rented or purchased from TAC2, but you MUST contact us prior to class day to make those arrangements.

RECOMMENDED ITEMS: Clothing suitable for any weather, sack lunch (refrigerator available to put your lunch in, if needed). Bottled water is available for purchase. You will eat lunch in the classroom, while watching one of the required videos.

HOURS: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Depending on class size and experience, the class may run longer. Don't make plans to be somewhere else.

COST: The cost for this class is only $50.

Click here to sign up online, ONLINE COURSE APPLICATIONS

In addition to signing up with TAC2, you MUST also register with the TN Dept. of Safety, prior to taking the class.

When you register with the State, you will receive a Permit Application Number, that we must have in order to verify with the State, that you completed the class.



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